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GLOG classes I like

13th of September, 2020

There are so many GLOG classes out there. Too many (not really).

So how do you know which ones are good? Well most of them are pretty good actually, but that isn’t very helpful. So here are some of my favorites. They’re not necessarily the best, just some of the ones I like.

  • Really Good Dog by Arnold K. A classic from the early days of the GLOG. The “Best Friends” and “Lick” features do a great job of encouraging party bonding and roleplay. Also you get to be a doggo. A+ class.

  • Muscular Puncher by Arnold K. If Alex Louise Armstrong were a GLOG Wizard. Nuff said.

  • The Crew by Skerples. Play as a swarm of unruly pirates. Drink rum, cause chaos, collectively act as one. Tons of fun.

  • Inventor Necromancer by Skerples. Use the body parts of slain enemies to build weird devices.

  • The Butcher by Lexi. Use the body parts of slain enemies to cook tasty meals that give you buffs.

  • The Bard by Lexi. Become a metal musician that plays “Through the Fire and Flames” while your party punches a dragon to death. Then return to town, put on a show, and convince some groupies to follow you out to the dragon’s lair and carry it’s hoard back for you. D&D really is about making my 13yo self’s dreams come true, isn’t it?

  • The Jack by Lexi. The core conceit of this class is that you have social connections you can exploit with almost everyone. Great for city campaigns.

  • Fungal Hive Colony by Saker Tarsos. Get infected with alien mushroom spores, and become the incubator of the next fungal supercolony. You get cool mushroom powers until you reach template D, then you go off like a mycological nuke.

There’s my (incomplete, unordered) list. Why not post your own list of other people’s GLOG classes that you like?

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