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The town of Temperance

With three classes done, I thought it was time to start looking at the setting where these cowboys will ply their trade. I tried to load the town of Temperance with adventure hooks and opportunities for things to go sideways, but frankly I think it still needs another pass. So here’s the first draft of the town of Temperance.

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GLoG class - The Rifleman

The Rifleman class gets less attacks per round than the Pistolero (2 vs 4 at level 4). To make up for this a Rifleman can deal greater damage per shot, and can do it from farther away.

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GLoG class - The Ginfighter

The Ginfighter

Kid Shelleen

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First post, introducing the Pistolero

I’ve never blogged before. But it seems like everyone else playing around with the GLoG has a GLoG-blog, so I had to start one too. Lack of original ideas be damned! Hopefully I’ll occasionally write something actually worth reading. Maybe.

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Just another goblin in the horde